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Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.


Our qualified technicians have been providing residential and commercial waterproofing and drainage solutions in the Western Cape for years. We know that all waterproofing projects require a high level of expertise, innovative solutions and attention to detail. Our technicians focus on the root of the problems so as to achieve the highest quality repair / installation possible.Our work is backed by an industry leading 10 year guarantee!Related ServicesWe provide a range of general and specialist waterproof solutions, including:General Waterproofing – leaking roofs, chimney leaks, rising damp prevention and removalBalcony repair – leaking balonies, tiled decks, under-tile waterproofing, flood testingDrainage solutions – sub-soil draininage, retaining walls, cellars, basements


As a premium roofing company we strive to provide quality roofing that lasts for years to come, to complete all projects within the given time frame and to solve any roofing or re-roofing problems that you have! Our roofing experts provide on-site assessment with an accurate estimate of your requirements. Your new roofing will be durable, weather resistant and most importantly, it will not leak!We will improve your home’s aesthetics and value while delivering quality service. Our work is backed by an industry leading 10 year guarantee!Related ServicesOur roofing team provides a range of services, including:Roof Design – Roof structures, custom roofing solutions, waterproofing specificationsRe-roofing – Re-roofing, Re-sheeting, roof trusses, Zincolume, ColorbondRoof Repair – Waterproofing, leak detection, thermal coatings

Structural Repairs e.g Painting

Our commitment to continual improvement and development enables us to offer effective and economical solutions of a wide range of structural problems affecting properties from domestic dwellings to commercial buildings, and public sector structures. We are continually upgrading equipment and improving methods and techniques of repair and construction.We use specialist products and techniques that are cost effective and provide permanent, insurance backed solutions to repair cracked and failed buildings. Cracks in properties are a common problem and are caused by different defects that show visible signs of failure by the pattern and location of the crack.


We perform several structural repairs, including:

  • Wall Repair – Structural crack repair, damp prevention and removal
  • Weatherproofing – Waterproof painting, rising damp repair

Custom Welding Designs

We do all welding jobs and repairs that you may need including, Sliding Gates, Security Gates, balustrades design, installation and repairs. Car ports, Car roof racks, vehicular gates, burglar bars, rolling gates are also within our expertise, we fabricate everything residential or commercial.

Other Waterproofing Solutions

This waterproofing service is applied but not limited to; Roofs, box gutters, balconies, garages, skylights, parapets, fish ponds, showers and bathrooms. Some of the main methods of waterproofing are illustrated below;Rubberized bitumenA water-based emulsion Rubberised Bitumen suitable for use on flashings, parapet walls, corrugated iron roofs coated with a solvent-based Bitumen pigmented with Aluminium flakes to provide UV protection to Bituminous roof coverings.Cementitious SystemA multi-purpose, latex emulsion, which is mixed with water and Portland cement and applied by block-brush or trowel in conjunction with flexseal membrane. Flexseal can be used for waterproofing of balconies (before tiling), flower boxes, soil-retaining walls, showers, reservoirs, and pondsTorch-On WaterproofingTorch-On Waterproofing is best applied to concrete decking, flat roofs and balconies. Torch-on membranes have an underside which has been pre-treated with a covering of thermofusible bitumen. This covering is then heated with a propane gas torch and the membrane is applied to the surface of the roof while the bitumen is still hot. Roofs need continuous maintenance as to ensure that they do not leak. This system is guaranteed for 10 years.This system is best applied on:

  • Concrete decking
  • Flat roofs
  • Balconies
  • Underground basements

Roof cleaning and painting, a water-based acrylic waterproofing coating used with a flexible, reinforcing waterproofing mesh membrane to seal joints and repair hairline cracks on roofs and walls. A range of colours is available for this system and can match the existing roof colour. This system is best applied on:

  • Roof flashings
  • Decking

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